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Portfolio: Planet Nebula (This Website)

I've owned this domain ( since 2001, and it's served me quite well in various ways throughout the years.  I use it for email and linking all my computers together, among other things.  For most of the life of the domain, I've had either a typical placeholder "Coming Soon!!" type message that everyone has come to hate when they come to a website, or an empty shell of a website that looked like something, but ended up to not be much.  This is my first attempt at actually having a worthwhile website, and I'd like to say I think I'm doing a pretty good job.

I've done lots of PHP coding, since it was my first real web language I learned.  While there may not have been much on my website facing the general public, it was more due to laziness on my part than not actually having anything to show.  I mainly used my web space to develop projects, and people either knew about the project or they didn't.  It wasn't very well organized, to say the least (and it's something I'm trying to fix with this website).

The current iteration of this website isn't coded in PHP, like past versions, but rather in Python.  It's built upon the Django framework, and has been my exercise in introducing myself to the Python language.  I've been enjoying working with both Python and Django; it's an interesting language, and it's been quite different from the other languages I've learned up to this point -- whitespace as a language construct, what a concept!  Another nice feature is that Django makes it very easy to decouple the URLs of a website from the actual code of the website, something not easily done with PHP.

Previous versions of my website haven't been as public-friendly as they could have been, and it's now something I'm trying to fix.  I hope you enjoy poking around, and please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for stopping by!