Planet Nebula: The Personal Website of Jeff Weiner


  • Personal:  Nebula [at]
  • School:  WeinerJD [at]
Instant Messenger (Not E-Mail)
  • AOL Instant MessengerAtOMiCNebula
  • MSN MessengerNebulaDJ [at]
  • JabberAtOMiCNebula [at]
  • Google TalkJDWeiner [at]

Contacting Me!

So you want to contact me.  Please do!  I will do my best to respond to all email sent to me.  However, please keep in mind that there may or may not be factors working against you:  my studies, spam filters, Murphy's Law, the nature of your email, my mood at the time of receiving your email, etc… If you'd prefer, you're also welcome (and encouraged) to contact me by instant messenger.

I do ask that you send “official” (read: important) email to my listed school address, and more casual email to my personal address.  This helps me get to your email quicker, and also to keep my inboxes better orgainzed and under control.  For instant messengers, pick your favorite, and use that!